Silent Visual music

Silent Visual Music.

This project is my first try of creating silent visual music  -- without auditory available, the visuals are perceived by audiences as a piece of melody with beats.  

Technology I used

Processing, Java.


Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness. 

In this project, I explored the mixed stream of cognitive consciousness in text, color, foreground, and background. 

Technology I used

Processing, Java




In this project, I had so much fun by creating a prototype of an mimic virus artistic software that grows "grass" on the player's desktop with each mouse clicking. 

Technology I used

Processing, Java, Photoshop.



Harmony for dome theater presentation.

Named "Harmony", this project was intended to create a sense of harmony by playing the infinite looping of squares with different borders, colors, and animated directions.

This project was initially presented at The Giant Dome Theater at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, Balboa Park, San Diego. To make it properly plays in the giant dome screen, I changed the resolution and the frames to a special setting. Now the video you are watching on the left went back to the usually setting for a rectangular screen. 

Imaging how visual stunning it is played in a giant dome screen!

Technology I used

Processing, Java.