Track and Merge Duplicate Records in a CRM

I spent less than 4 hours researching and designing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for sales and marketing team to easily track and merge duplicate customer information.


UX researcher and designer

My Contribution

This is a design challenge with a 4-hour time limitation. Starting from domain-knowledge-research and finishing at high-fidelity-UI-design, I brought an experience for the sales and marketing team to effortlessly track and merge duplicates in a CRM. I applied Ant Design System.


Figma, Ant Design System

The Problem

CRM is a place where the sales team and marketing team can manage customer information and transfer from leads to revenue. However, sometimes customers may contact your company from different sources like trade shows, webinars, or LinkedIn, and leave different information such as emails, phone numbers, notes, etc. It turns out to be many duplicates in the database and this may cause inaccurate revenue attribution and a waste of time and effort for the team.

My Solution

I designed an experience that helps the sales and marketing team to track the duplicates and then merge the customer information.

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