IoT IKEALens 👓

In this project, I partnered with two Carnegie Mellon-MHCI students to create a promo video of a conceptual product that brings a smarter furniture shopping experience with an Internet of Things (IoT) technology.


Video Editor, Actress

My Contribution

I acted in the video, created IKEA app UI, and edited part of the video.


Nikon D610 DSLR, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sketch

What is IKEALens

We wanted to create a smarter furniture shopping experience that would allow shoppers to scan the price tags in the store to easily add items to their cart. These items could be explored in a personalized showroom in virtual reality using measurements from their home so users can get a sense for how items will fit together.

For IKEA Lens, we envisioned a connected experience at IKEA that would include NFC-enabled price tags, an app, and VR. Price tags could be tapped in order to add that product to the user’s cart in the IKEA app on their phone. After browsing items in-store, shoppers could use the measurements of their home and the saved items in their cart to see a simulation of their redecorated space in a personalized, VR showroom.

Creating Values with IKEALens

For customers, using our solution could mean avoiding the hassle of returning a large and/or assembled piece of furniture that didn’t fit in their home.

For IKEA, collecting the data about which items users are adding to cart, purchasing, or abandoning could be useful when making recommendations or creating new products.