3D Printing Single Ring 💍

UC San Diego's first 3D printer printed my Single Ring — This happened even before the New Digital Media Lab founded!




My Contribution

This is a solo project.


AutoDesk 123D, 3D printer

In 2014, my school's first 3D printer went on beta version and offered free printing (including materials) for artworks that were ready for 3D printing. The single ring 💍 I designed was one of the lucky stars!


To help single people find their best half in an easy way, I designed this ring. Pink side up means "I'm open" while blue side up means "hmmm... Maybe not". This simple but powerful tool perfectly facilitate social interaction by conveying clear messages in a subtle way.


I used AutoDesk 123D to design this pretty artwork. It discontinued in 2017 so I lost my original engineering file... At the meantime, take a look at these pictures and imagine wearing the ring in your favorite night club. 💓