Website in React.js ⚛️

Welcome to my first learning-by-doing website in React.js. It is fully responsible, so please check it out on your big monitor, laptop, and mobile devices!


Designer, Developer

My Contribution

This is a solo project.


Figma, CSS, HTML, React.js, JSON, SVG Animation, Visual Studio Code, Stripe

My first learning-by-doing responsive web design in React.js


Being able to code my design has always sound fascinating to me, so I started to learn React.js in my spare time. Within 2 months of following online tutorials, I made this site. It is fully responsive on all major devices.

To experience the site's responsiveness, check it out on your phone, iPad, laptop, and big monitor 😉




Future Design Plans
  • Replace template wallpapers with my own design
  • Redesign my logo
  • Add actual content to the cards


Future Dev Plans
  • Add actual pages to which the buttons in Header are pointing to
  • Migrate from Gatsby v1 to v2 to enable API data