Connect 4 Game

Mini Connect 4 game programmed in Java.

This is the game I programmed in Java when I learnt Java for the first time.

This game is the classic connect 4 game. It usually requires 2 players ( player X and play O in my game) to play the game. Players take turns to drop 1 disci at a turn from the top into a 7-column, 6-row vertically suspended grid. The winner is the one who first form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of 4 of that player's own discs.    


Disney Style Initial Signature Design

Disney style initial signature programmed in java.

About the same time when I programmed the connect 4 game, I practiced programming in Java by playing with my initials "Y. J." as graphic letters in Disney style. 

The initial Y. J. I programmed in this project have 2 different set of background colors. The size of the letters automatically fit into the current canvas size.