I took this group of photographs for my friend Natasha, a polish girl. We were spending a sunny afternoon at the beach of the Scripps Institution of Oceanology, UC San Diego. I played with the light and the shadow to create a soft lighted texture for she was so indulged in the movie-feeling photography. Every single photograph was captured under a natural moment. None of the poses were acted. However, the photographs seemed as if they were telling a story. We were pleased by the movie-feeling and the plot-like effects of them. 


colorful life in B&W

This group of photographs were intended to build a classic feeling that freezes the moments in everyday life. I took these photographs when I was a sophomore. I captured the moments in my daily life as a college student: surrounding objects of my dorm, and one of my beloved roommates. I played with the black and white visual effects for the original colorful photographs. I particularly liked how the black and white visual effects give a exotic feeling to each ordinary photograph. It is sweet to see how the black and white romantically draws my colorful college life. 


In Front of Stage vs. Behind the Scene

In this group of photographs, I intended to show the differences of the same individual in between in front of stage and behind the scenes. In each row, the left photograph shows a person who is in front of the stage, and the right photograph is the same individual who is behind the scene. What I am trying to say through this group of photographs is that there are always moments in life that we are dressed up both physically and emotionally. And there are always times in our life that we are tired, stressed out, or upset. Embrace all of the good things and bad things happening to you, as the up and down compose life.