Designing digital user interfaces for coaches and learners

TalkMeUp is an AI-based SaaS company providing on-demand, customized, and cost-effective communications training for individuals and enterprise. As the sole UX design professional, I was responsible for designing the user interfaces for both coaches and learners.


UX Design Intern

My Contribution

As the sole UX design professional, I led the end-to-end design effort and beyond. See details below.


Sketch, InVision, CSS, HTML

How the adventure began & what I learned

When I studied at Carnegie Mellon University, I met the founder of TalkMeUp, JJ Xu, a CMU MBA student. In winter 2017, I joined TalkMeUp as their first UX Design Intern until summer 2018, when my graduate capstone project became full-time and occupied most of my day.

My internship at TalkMeUp was a positive and productive experience. Being a full-time graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University made the time management very challenging, but I am glad that I made it through.

At TalkMeUp, not only did I well balanced my coursework and internship work, I learned must-have skills in real-world workplaces:

  • How to manage multiple tasks with tight deadlines
  • How to handle time conflicts
  • How to effectively communicate
  • How to productively collaborate

A Big THANK YOU to JJ, my direct manager and the founder of TalkMeUp. The valuable mentorship she provided has been very helpful in my later career.

"Yumei was quite adaptive to startup’s fast pace, demonstrating the ability to learn and grow." -- JJ Xu, Founder and CEO at TalkMeUp

What I did

TalkMeUp has two groups of targeted users: coaches and learners. My work covers both of them.

  • Worked with the company founder on identifying user needs and product features
  • Researched coaches and learners’ behaviors through interviews and surveys
  • Defined user flows for coaches and learners
  • Designed product solutions for coaches and learners
  • Created low-fidelity wireframes and hi-fidelity prototypes
  • Measured and evaluated my solution through usability testings
  • Collaborated with developers to launch TalkMeUp's initial website. Designed and implemented the website UI in HTML and CSS
  • Worked with the marketing team on incorporating a usability testing session into Valentine's day social media campaign & guerrilla testing (hallway usability tests for UX)

Some of my deliverables

While I can't share the details of my work, you got the picture. Well, here's what I can share :)

User flows

Selected UI prototypes